How Caggle works

  • Insight

    Get a quote with no obligation and without affecting your credit score. We will evaluate suitable products to switch your car loan to and when to switch for maximum savings
    Furthermore, if a better deal becomes available in the future, we will let you know.

  • Apply

    The application takes no longer than 3 minutes for a quick decision.

  • Decide & Switch

    We will give you a response immediately.Once approved, We will manage the whole switching process between your old Lender and new Lender.

no brokerage

Refined tech, No brokers = No admin fee, No back and forth and especially no bias. And we are free.

killer savings

So you have made a few “on time” payments on your current loan or maybe the aforementioned brokers stuck you with a high rate & high monthly payments. Caggle allows you to save on your loan.

instant everything

Switching is Instant and savings ? Well thats instant too. No paperwork, just a few taps. And we don't just stop there - we will continue to monitor your loan and if a better deal becomes available we will let you know.